Services and facilities

Horse transportation


We are proud to call ourselves specialists in horse transportation by air. Working as a preferred livestock agent for several airlines, we are able to fly horses to almost any destination in the world on a daily basis. Apart from the scheduled flights we can also arrange charter flights from 1 up to 87 horses per flight. To ensure stress-free transport we only work with our own stalls and grooms. The horses will arrive in top condition. The loading procedure is always kept as safe and less stressful as possible. Our grooms assist while loading the horses and take good care of them during the flight.



Each horse shipment is accompanied by professional grooms, constantly monitoring the well being of the horses during the flight and supplying the best quality of food and water. Our grooms are professionally trained and updated by a certified veterinarian to recognize the symptoms of shipping fever, colic or other kinds of diseases, and know how to act upon them. They are familiar with the effects of sedatives and know how and when to use them. On every flight they carry a first-aid kit. During the flight, the grooms will check on your horses frequently and make sure they have enough hay and water available.